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  • John Oates Releases New Song “Disconnected”

  • Half of American pop-rock duo Hall & Oates and singer-songwriter, John Oates released a new song “Disconnected” on February 3, 2023.

    The song is the second single from his series of tracks that he will release each month, following “Pushin' A Rock” released last October.
    The track was written and produced by John Oates.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Jason Lee Denton.
    He recorded the song at Addiction Sound studios in Nashville with with David Kalmusky.
    John Oates said of the song, “There are always times in our lives when we all feel 'Disconnected' from some thing or someone emotionally, physically, spiritually, or any of the above, but the important thing is to never give up hope and strive to find a way to pull it all back together.”
  • He continued, “I had the chorus idea many years ago and originally played it in a folk tuning but never completed it because I never really knew what it could be about. During Covid I began to go through some older song ideas and rediscovered the idea… the isolation I was feeling inspired the verses as I was in a very reflective mood and wanted to express the spiritual, physical and emotional feeling that so many of us had of being disconnected… from each other… from our former reality…from the complacency of thinking things could never change.”
    He said, “I recorded most of the song at home using garage band on my Mac. but I knew it needed the punch and color that only a live band could provide to make it come alive. I went into my favorite recording studio 'Addiction Sound' in Nashville with David Kalmusky and assembled a bad ass rhythm section to play live and enhance the stuff that I had programmed at home.”
    He added, “I played acoustic guitar using the same folky 'g' tuning that originally inspired the idea and many synth and programmed elements of my home demo, including the background vocals, are still in the finished recording.”

  • John Oates said of the video, “He is a very creative guy who I have worked with on several other video projects and he always manages to deliver on the concept. As far as the idea, I played a lot of the instruments on the song and so then I was visually inspired by Taylor Swift using multiple versions of herself in a video. It's kind of a low-rent version of what she did, me playing everything.”
    “Using digital overlays and blue screen I wanted to show myself from two sides…the behind the scenes writer and the on stage performer. It was important for me to visually nod to an important part of my musical past and create some throwback moments in the production. That's why I'm wearing that great 1960s sparkly jacket and why I do some 'Temptations walk' dance steps. That's my history coming back to life.”
  • source : Apple Music
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