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  • Natalie Shay Premieres New Song “The Edge” on BBC Radio 1

  • London-based singer-songwriter Natalie Shay premiered a new song “The Edge” on BBC Radio 1's Future Pop.

    It is her first music since the 2022 EP “Milk”.
    The song is about the painful breakdown and complete blow up of her friendship with her best friend.
    It was written by Natalie Shay, and Robert Primrose, who also produced the track.
    Natalie Shay said of the song, “This is one of my favourite songs I've ever released, and as the feelings are still very raw, I'm hoping to find closure in this.”
    She continued, “Despite missing her and the good parts of the friendship so much, I know in order to still respect myself, I have to honour the power of an apology, and in this case, the lack there of one.”
    Also, she unveiled another song called “everything's been happening” as B-side single. The track was written by Natalie Shay and produced by Kaity Rae.
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    Both tracks voice the understanding of the power that someone's dream can hold over their well-being and happiness.
    Shay said, “I am guilty of this myself, a lot of my mental health, personality and entire identity are completely wrapped up in my work. This is the same for a lot of creatives and people with a dream or goal from a young age in general. On realisation that these goals may not happen the way you'd always planned, or realising things are going to be much harder than you ever expected, this can cause trouble for some people who lack the courage. I think me and my friend are guilty of this, and subsequently this triggered the downfall.”

  • Photo by Holly McCandless-Desmond
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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