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  • RAENNER Releases Debut EP “Not To Be Released”: Streaming

  • Vienna-based alt-pop band RAENNER, consisting of Lukas Mantsch (vocals), Felix Yunger (guitar) and Andreas Wöckinger (bass), released their debut EP “Not To Be Released” along with a music video for “Headspace” on December 16, 2022.

    The EP comprises 6-track, written by Lukas Mantsch, Felix Yunger and Andreas Wöckinger. Produced by Andreas Wöckinger, Andreas Lettner, and Eva Klampfer.
    The accompanying video was directed by Bernhard Ullrich and featured drummer Dominik Rauch.
    The band told Mister Styx of Musicarenagh about the project, “We all had and still have other projects going so we had a lot of different creative approaches. The only certain thing was that we wanted to write pop songs with an alternative feel to it. At first we started out with a lot of EDM elements and after a while we brought back guitars. After about 2 years of trying out stuff it clicked. Now we feel like we arrived at a really comfortable place where we can be creative without changing our vision 24/7.”
  • The band explained track-by-track via social media.

    “There's so much BS going on in all of our lives. ☠️ Get rid of negative vibes ☔️ and start appreciating that we have it in our own hands. Clear out your headspace NOW. Also… HUGE thx to Dominik Rauch for supporting us on the drums for this one and of course Berni Ullrich for the amazing videoproduction.”

    “Break Here With You”
    “It's our favourite song so far and we are super proud of how it turned out. We were barely able to finish the video recordings for 'break here with you' before a rainstorm came🌧. But it was so worth it. Loved the set over the rooftops.”

    “Heal Me”
    “Huge thanks to Andreas Lettner & LYLIT for teaming up with us for this one. Furthermore eternal gratitude to Dominik Kaz for mixing this bad boy 😎 Last but not least 🙏 to SKE austro mechana for supporting the production.”

  • “Can't Fix This” video by Raffael Hollitzky
    “'Can't fix this' was the first song we started working on back in 2021. We loved the vibe back then and we still do. During the production we just messed around with some piano chords and suddenly everyone was just like: 'We MUST do a stripped down version at some point.'”

    “Let's Talk” video by Raffael Hollitzky
    “This is the Debut Single of my new band "RAENNER" from Vienna/Austria. If you like Contemporary Alternative Rock this could maybe be something for you!”

    “The South Up North”
    “'The south up north' was written during and after a trip to New York earlier this year.”
  • source : Apple Music
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