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  • Mae Krell Releases Two New Songs “tooth fairy” & “(like) spring”

  • New York-based singer-songwriter Mae Krell released two new songs “tooth fairy” and “(like) spring” as “Imposter Syndrome (B Sides)” on December 2, 2022.

    Two tracks were written by Mae Krell and produced by Jakob Leventhal.
    Both songs were written during the EP “Imposter Syndrome” sessions, which was released back in February.
    Mae Krell revisited the unreleased demos with her producer Jakob Leventhal and decided to rework these two tracks.
    Mae Krell said, “A lot of times my favorite tracks from an artist are the ones that almost didn't make it out, so I thought it would be only fair to give people a chance to love these songs the way I love some almost-forgotten-about ones.”
  • She continued, “I fell in love for the first time in February 2020 and by the end of the year I had followed her to a different state. Although I was away from my friends and family, I still had a feeling of home and belonging- thanks to her. Writing (like) spring originally started as me being fearful and lonely and trying to figure out why, and it led to a love song. For the places I never saw myself being happy in, until I was. For the neighbors and routines I didn't think much about in the moment, until I moved away and started to miss them. And most importantly, it's a love song for the girl who made me realize that I could write one, after thinking that I absolutely never would.”

  • Mae Krell shared on social media, “(like) spring is my version of a love song- or at least that's the joke i've been making about it because that isn't what the song started out as. in late 2020 i was in love for the first time and had followed her to a different state, away from everyone and everything I knew. I found that I was often feeling something within the lines of both loneliness and belonging- and didn't know how both of those could coexist. when I started writing (like) spring, I thought that I would come to the conclusion that I was in the wrong place, or that maybe I had made the wrong decision. but instead, I found a new awareness of the things I had taken for granted in the past. so i finished the song, and then the relationship went south and honestly, I kind of forgot about it. I wrote a breakup song, lost a good friend, got sober and made the “imposter syndrome” EP all about those experiences.
    when starting to plan future releases, we came across (like) spring and tooth fairy, and decided it would be a cool project to rework and release them as b sides.
    aaaandd that's all to say- the imposter syndrome (b sides) are out today! and the more I think about it, I guess (like) spring really is a love song- for the places I didn't think i'd be happy in, until I was. For the neighbors and the city I wanted to leave so badly, until I did and I missed it. and most importantly, it's a love song for the girl who made me realize i could write one, after I always swore I never would.”

    Photo by Alex Lyon
  • source : Apple Music
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