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  • Adult Leisure Announces Debut EP “The Weekend Ritual”, Shares New Song “Control”

  • Bristol-based alt-rock band Adult Leisure, consisting of Neil Scott (vocals), David Woolford (guitar), James Laing (bass) and Nathan Searle (drums), announces their debut EP “The Weekend Ritual” would be released on December 2, 2022.

    The EP comprises 5-track, written and produced by the band themselves.
    The band said of the EP, “We've always wanted to produce an honest and homegrown debut selection of songs which both showcases our ability as musicians, but also keeps in line with our honest grass roots style. We wanted people to hear us with no filter or 3rd party influence. In an industry where so much is insincere, we wanted to give people us and us alone.”
  • From the EP, the band unveiled the third single called “Control” along with a music video on November 18, 2022, following “Things You Don't Know Yet” and “Modern Son”.
    The accompanying music video directed by Sam East.
    The band said of the song, “Control focuses around an immeasurable love to which it's clear the object of affection isn't the wisest choice, yet still the lover is drawn ever closer, due to the overwhelming presence the recipient of their adoration has within their life.”
    They continued, “They are the drug they can't seem to pry themselves away from. They are hell, yet they are home and this is the battle the lover is having with themselves.”

  • Photo by Jay Parker
  • source : Apple Music
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