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  • Mahalia Releases New Song “Bag Of You”

  • British-Jamaican singer-songwriter Mahalia Burkmar, aka Mahalia released a new song “Bag Of You” along with a music video on November 11, 2022.

    The song is her first music since the EP “Letter to Ur Ex”, which was released back in May.
    It was written by Abby-Lynn Keen, Jordan Reid, and Mahalia Burkmar. Produced by Cameron Gower Poole and JD Reid.
    Mahalia said of the song, “This song is one of my favourites so far. 'Bag Of You' is all about that sweet spot in a relationship when everything is just lovely, where the idea of being without that person – even just for a second – is too much to bear,” Mahalia said. “I love everything about this record. It's definitely the start of what's to come next year.”
    The accompanying video was directed by Oliver Kane.
  • She shared on so ial media, “as a generation, I think we're pretty great at talking about things online. sharing how we feel on Twitter. having open discussions with strangers in comment sections on Instagram. maybe even posting a raw video on tiktok about a crazy story that once happened to us.
    the question on my mind though .. why are so many of us able to share through these platforms and not with our loved ones? I've always been a pretty open book. I think I get it from my mum. So, I was never scared to tell anybody how I was feeling. Particularly a love interest. I would rather shoot my shot and miss than wonder what would have happened if I did.”

  • She continued, “opening up about what and how you feel in your heart is so important, in my opinion. letting others know what's going on for you. telling that person how they make you feel. I think so many of us shy away from it out of fear of being rejected. and I get that, I really do. but on the flip .. I say go for it. you get one go around this life. be bold. put your phone down more and focus on real, genuine connections. fuck what anybody else thinks. fuck the podcasts that tell you you're being 'needy' or 'too forward'.
    And I say this especially for us girls. We get taught from young that we need to stand back. Wait for opportunity to come knocking. Don't text him first. Sit by the phone and wait for his call. Fuck that. Grab life by the breasts and RUN BESTIE, RRRUUUUNNNNN!!!“
  • source : Apple Music
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