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  • The Pearl Harts Releases New Song “More”

  • London-based rock duo The Pearl Harts, consists of Kirsty Lowery (vocals/guitar), Sara Leigh (drums), released a new song “More” from their sophomore album “Love, Chaos” on October 28, 2022.

    The song is accompanied by the Derek Bremner-directed music video.
    The track received its first play during BBC Introducing Rock on Radio 1 with Alyx Holcombe.
    It was written by Sara Leigh Shaw and Kirsty Lowrey. Produced by Danio.
    The Pearl Harts said of the song, “'More' is a sassy, sexy, post-ironic stab at the consuming world that we live in. One can be encouraged to ‘have more’, ‘do more’, ‘expect more’, ‘be more’. The amount of ‘more’ is overwhelming — it’s like a never-ending hamster wheel. Where does it end? Where is the satisfaction?... Interestingly, the point we observe is that the people who have the most always feel like they are entitled to “More”. Whereas those who generally feel like they need “More” are told they are too much.”
  • The new album is expected to be released in early 2023. It is their first album in five years since the 2018 debut album “Glitter and Spit”.
    The band recorded 12-track with co-producer Danio.
    The duo said of the album, “‘Love, Chaos’ is about saying goodbye to unhealthy patterns that we all identify with in our lives. Be that work, alcohol, sex, drugs, procrastination, love… Whether we like it or not our whole lives are a series of patterns that shape our personality, they can come about through the unconscious, through family dynamics, through everyday interactions and through trauma. ‘Love, Chaos’ is about realising and accepting this and forging a life beyond.”
    They continued, “As women in rock’n’roll we have had to fight and unpick a load of history and patterns to accept ourselves as we are today. Shake off the ‘good girls’ we have been brought up to be’, not to become ‘bad’ but to become our real, true, authentic selves. We are starting a new conscious pattern of how we want to play rock’n’roll our way. We don’t just have to be hard, tough women. We can be sensitive ones too.”

  • Photo by Jim Eyre
    Background photo by Derek Bremner
  • source : Apple Music
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