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  • Daisy the Great Releases New Album “All You Need Is Time”: Streaming

  • Brooklyn-based alt-pop band Daisy The Great, consisting of Kelley Nicole Dugan (vocals/keyboards) and Mina Walker (vocals/guitar), released their second album “All You Need Is Time” on October 28, 2022.
    It is their first album in three three years since the 2019 debut album “I'm Not Getting Any Taller”.
    The album comprises 11-track (deluxe edition 16-track), produced by Gabe Goodman, Matti Dunietz and Torna.
    Written by Carter Matschullat, Coyle Girelli, Dani Poppitt, Emily Saliers, Gabe Goodman, Kelley Nicole Dugan, meija, Mina Walker and Simon Oscroft.
    Daisy the Great told Sweety High about the album, “This collection of songs was written over about four years and we think writing these songs over time has been a huge part of processing who we are as individuals. We start the album with a song called "Time Machine" and ask the question, "If I go back, will I do it all the same again?" and we end the album with a song called "Smile Pretty Girl" which asks, "Is this how you want to be remembered?" Both of these questions are rooted in considering what to do with the time that you have. We wanted to explore the idea that time can expand and contract depending on where you're at and capture the feeling of time slipping through your fingers as well as the moments in life that feel endless.”
    The band continued, “We want the listeners to time travel with us into little pockets of life. Hopefully, there can be moments of reflection on the listener's past, some insight into their present and some hope for the future. There's definitely an emotional journey throughout the album, with peaks and valleys that hopefully leads to some form of catharsis or perspective and calmness with yourself by the end.”
  • Daisy the Great explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Time Machine” via FLOOD Magazine
    “As we were all talking at the beginning of the session, Coyle brought up an article that he'd read that morning about a group of physicists who were researching the potential for electrons to move backwards into the recent past, which was being billed as evidence that time travel might be possible. We got so locked on that idea and we all kept talking for a really long time about time travel, fate, regret, second chances, loss, love… Eventually, we started to imagine writing this giant song, set at the end of the world. Kel sat down at the piano and started playing these really epic, crunchy chords and Min started yelling 'Are you listening to the clocks in this house / They are growling at me saying, how can it be that the whole world is falling apart.' That became the intro, and then the rest quickly spilled out of us. After that day, the song became an immediate favorite in our tour set and we could not be more excited to be releasing it.”

    “Glitter” via Atwood Magazine
    “'Glitter' is about a night when you can't sleep and you decide to stay up all night long. It's about the freedom, and chaos, and magic of being alone with yourself. It's about the courage and compassion of committing to seeing the messy parts of you as beautiful. The music video for 'Glitter' was directed and edited by the two of us (Kelley and Mina), and it's about a sleepless night in our messy house as objects start to morph into our the Daisy the Great band members – and by morning, we form our band.”

  • “Aluminum”
    “'Aluminum' was actually the last song we wrote for the album. We wrote it with our pal Gabe Goodman, and it is about self-perception. It's the feeling of time moving forward and taking a version of you with it that you don't feel connected to – as if your social persona or personality, some shinier version of you, has taken over, and you don't know how to be your real self anymore.”
    “The music video for 'Aluminum,' directed by Zach Tavel, is about an older set of twins coming to a breaking point in their relationship. We were talking with Zach about the meaning of the song – feeling stuck behind a version of yourself that doesn't feel like you at your core – and we eventually landed on this idea of twins with a turbulent relationship. One twin seems to call the shots for both of them and the other's resentment grows as she longs for independence and sense of self. And we are a mini band stuck in a jukebox at their house.”

    “Cry in the Mirror”
    “'Cry in the Mirror' is about trying to get to the bottom of your feelings amidst a cultural fascination with sadness and public vulnerability. It comes from a place of trying to understand yourself, but in this world where everything is documented and posted and witnessed, you can end up feeling like you're experiencing your own life through a lens of how others would see you.”

    “I wrote 'Liar' about four years ago after hanging out with a friend that I had a really close but confusing relationship with. It's about having a crush on a friend but being too scared to address the tension out loud, and how holding on to a secret like that really eats you up inside. I remember writing it all down as a big jumble of feeling frustrated, self-conscious, disingenuous, and ready to move on. We hope the song can give you guts when you need some, whether that means being vulnerable or letting go.”

    “'Easy' is a breakup song about all of the complicated - i.e. not always easy - feelings that come along with the end of a relationship," say Daisy the Great. "The song is about learning to trust yourself, finding joy in loving yourself, feeling hope! At the same time, it's about how sometimes even when something isn't right, it still hurts to let it go.”
    “The music video was filmed in Brooklyn and features our whole band as well as choreography by our dear friend Matilda Sakamoto. With the video, we wanted to explore a lot of the ups and downs of a breakup. Sometimes we might feel chaotic, or really free and independent, or we might experience true grief for something lost. And in those tough moments we lean on our pals. So even though the video is a lot about the break up, it's also about friends being there for each other.”

    Photo Sara Laufer
    Background photo by Shervin Lainez
  • source : Apple Music
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