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  • Hohnen Ford Releases Debut EP “Infinity”: Streaming

  • London-based singer-songwriter Ella Hohnen-Ford, aka Hohnen Ford released her debut EP “Infinity” on October 26, 2022 via Young Poet.
    The EP comprises 4-track, written and produced by Ella Hohnen-Ford. Matt Maltese co-wrote the 4th track “Don't Fall Asleep”.
    She recorded theses songs with only piano unlike the popular DAW sound. The EP features irresistibly entertaining and romantic prose, paired with her delicate piano arrangements.
    Hohnen Ford shared on social media, “Written and recorded in my childhood bedroom, the whole EP is centred around being young and messy and in love. Working out who you are. It is as vulnerable as I can be. These songs have been sung live to 1000s (!!) of humans in the last year, and now they're yours to keep and take on a new life. I truly couldn't be more grateful. Thank you for allowing me into your world. I hope these songs speak to you💚”
  • Hohnen Ford explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “A stream of consciousness in a quiet moment when the world felt overwhelming. A note to myself as I was reflecting on what was bubbling around in my brain at a time of crossroads in my life.”

    “Send Me A Sign”
    “I wrote tens of verses for this song, examples of things I felt/ feel useless at - like getting things right. I've always felt so messy in love and life, this is a reflection of the rollercoaster that is being in your early twenties.”

    “Close To Your Heart”
    “Close To Your Heart is about rekindling love for your person. Daring yourself to love like it's day one, and acknowledging bad habits. Taking responsibility for your own emotions and being able to laugh at yourself - step outside the emotion in that moment to stop yourself from bickering or causing a fight and remembering why you love that person. I wrote it to remind myself to make sure the hassle and stresses of day to day life don't get in the way of my relationships.”

    “Don't Fall Asleep”
    “My first ever co-write, this song unfolded from a seed I had milling in my head so quickly. Matt and I essentially met for the first time, had a 2 hour therapy session, ate a soup and then channelled it into a song in under an hour. We remember our first loves and heartbreaks so vividly. Love that could kill! My brother was experiencing his first heartache at the time, and seeing him brought up all those emotions like they were my own.”

  • Background photo by Harvey Pearson
  • source : Apple Music
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