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  • Amanda Tenfjord Releases Debut Album “In Hindsight”: Streaming

  • Greek-Norwegian singer-songwriter Amanda Tenfjord released her much-anticipated debut album “In Hindsight” on October 21, 2022.

    The album comprises 13-track, featuring guest appearance from Evangelia, produced by Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter and was co-written with Bjarte de Presno Borthen, Thea Wang and Hilde Skaar.
    Amanda Tenfjord shared on social media, “if u dont like sad lovesongs i dont know if u will like the album. but there will be some happy cool songs as well also though. i guess it's gonna be just a compilation of a chapter of my life that im nervous but excited to share with u.”
    The album retraces a story of bloodless love through its 13 songs. The project also captures the duality of Greek and Norwegian culture in her music.
    She recorded at Ocean Sound Recordings on the west coast of Norway.
    She wrote the songs with the entirety of the album in three weeks. But the attention to detail, the careful tweaking in the production and painstaking vocal takes, stretched into a year.
    Through bringing “In Hindsight” to life, Amanda Tenfjord feels that while she is unafraid to admit that she will never truly recover from that relationship, she has found the strength to move on.
    “With time, your memories get washed away, but I think it's something that will always stick with you in the way you think and the way you react to things,” she said. “I think I'm at peace because I feel better, and while there is always a part of me that's still broken, I know these experiences have made my life richer.”
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    Amanda Tenfjord explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Plans was written the day after me and my producer Bjørn Helge wrote [previous single] Die Together in Bjørn's studio. It's a song about the moment in a relationship when you realise that you actually don't make plans together anymore. At first you have all these dreams about the future and the things you want to do together; travel to Rome, buy a house together and see your kids grow up etc., and then slowly as love fades away you don't even plan what to do the next weekend together. And the worst part is seeing the one you love living your previous common dreams together with someone else. It's a very sad song.”

    “I'll Stay”
    “Might be the best and saddest song of the album.”

    “AMAN” featuring Evangelia
    “At the end of the day of writing we had a demo and a vibe we really liked. But some weeks passed and we all felt something was missing. At that time I was spending a lot of time in Athens and I was playing with the thought of having a Greek verse to make the song more special. I had followed Evangelia on Instagram for a while and spontaneously sent her a DM asking if she wanted to collab on a song that I was planning for my album. She heard the demo and immediately loved it. I told her to be as free and creative as she wanted with the demo. After some back-and-forth, we had a zoom-call late at night; me, Bjørn, Evangelia and producer Jay Stolar (Demi Lovato, John Legend) (this was just a week before my final medicine-exam). We made a new chorus and wrote new lyrics to parts of the song. The communication and flow was amazing and Evangelia is a very inspiring person/artist.
    AMAN is about trying to convince the one you really like to go for it. 'AMAN den boro' - come on, I can't take it anymore. Say you want my love. We also have some bouzouki in there, which honestly is one of the coolest instruments I know.”

  • “All In”
    “All In is about falling in love - but when the timing isn't perfect. When all your friends are telling you it's a bad idea, but all your senses are telling you to go for it. It's about trusting your gut, taking a leap of faith and going all in. I've been looking forward to releasing this song as my last few singles have been more about the sad and melancholic parts of a relationship. This one is definitely about the more fun and exciting part, and I'm looking very much forward to performing it live.”

    “A list of all the things that I regret”
    “'a list of all the things that I regret', A very special day and a very special song. damn it's a sad album but damn we had some magical moments writing it.”
  • source : Apple Music
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