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  • Kimbra Announces New Album “A Reckoning”, Shares New Song “Save Me”

  • New Zealand alt-pop singer-songwriter Kimbra is back and announced her fourth studio album “A Reckoning” would be released in early 2023.

    The new album is her first project in five years since the 2018 album “Primal Heart”.
    It was co-produced by Kimbra Johnson and Ryan Lott of Son Lux.
    The album is primed to be a reflective record capturing the macro reckonings that impact our world around environment, race, feminism health and patriarchy through the eyes of the archteypal Mother. But at the heart of her record is the war with the micro reckonings that Kimbra faces internally.
    From the album, she unveiled a first single called “Save Me” on October 20, 2022.
    The track was written by Kimbra Johnson and Zach Tenorio Miller. Produced by Ryan Lott and Kimbra Johnson.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Yvan Fabing.
    Kimbra shared on social media, “SOMETIMES I feel the urge to be saved and rescued by someone so as to avoid being alone with my own feelings. Ever think of mother earth like this? Desperate to be restored to wholeness? Willing to go to any lengths to stay alive? will we move with her or against her? I knew this song was special when I wrote the opening line. 'I'm the accident waiting to happen, it's just a matter of time' It was unsettlingly honest, a bit terrifying to see it written down and also cathartic to say the thing I was most scared to say. This song has been my healing… thank you for listening + journeying with me to Iceland to root this song in the earth and tell her story too.”
  • She continued, “Why do we scream? To assert our life force. Why do we shout? To affirm who we are. Why do we love? to achieve the transcendent. As women we have few tools to deal with anger. And as a result we don't often face it within ourselves for fear that we won't understand it or have any support to move through it.
    But when women move through their anger, they access their ability to HEAL. Our earth and our world is so in need of healing. A woman who has done work on herself is the most powerful tool our world has. she brings balance and empathy.
    I connected very deeply with my own Female energy on this new record and encompassed both the warrior and the tenderness of a Mother.
    I like to explore my albums in extremes. I don't like to hang in the middle. As I explored and uncovered my own rage I realized beneath it all was a scared, vulnerable girl. But guess what? She's part of the power too.”

  • Photo by Spencer Ostrander
  • source : Apple Music
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