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  • Connie Constance Premieres New Song “Hurt You” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Connie Constance premiered a new song “Hurt You” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song is taken from her upcoming sophomore album “Miss Power”, which is set to be released on November 4, 2022.
    It was written by Sam Knowles and Constance Power. Produced by Karma Kid.
    Connie Constance said of the song, “My revenge song, this is a song for all the villains who are just a product of their environment. This one is for the Joker and Harley Quinn. In this realm, the villain is the champion of the peoples and the reins of anarchy. As an artist, people think you're just lucky, a song explodes and that's what an overnight hit is. Nobody sees the years before that, they don't hear the years of music that didn't come off hard drives or notebooks. This song is about the lowest time of my life and my career, when Connie Constance, the artist, was dead and buried, and it's about how I came out of that grave and didn't let anyone take away my love of writing and writing. my hunger to share my music. If I wasn't crazy before, I'm definitely a little crazy now. But I feel bulletproof because I had to fight to get my powers back. No one should ever have to feel trapped or unworthy. I hope this song reaches anyone who feels trapped, scared or crushed and I hope they hear it before and after they tell their oppressor to get fucked.”
  • Connie Constance told Clara Amfo about the song, “This is the tune like when I watched the Joker movie (Joaquin Phoenix's 2019 film), the one that came out three years ago. So it's like that kind of perspective. Whereas like, it's kind of the people's hero instead of being like the evil villain like in this story. The villain wins and we want them to win.”
    The album comprises 12-track, produced by Karma Kid. It is her first project in three years.
    Connie Constance said of the album, “So mental to me that I'm announcing this album. It's actually a reality. Myself and Karma Kid worked for just over a year without knowing whether it would ever even be released. Just pure trust in the process and the love of what we were making. We pushed our own boundaries and literally jumped up and down to our own indie bangers. With the help of our favourite musicians and friends we made this sonic book of magic.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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