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We stand with the people of Ukraine and pray for peace
  • 5 Seconds of Summer Performs “Bad Omens” on Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to perform “Bad Omens”.

    The song is included on their latest album “5SOS5”, which was released last month for the first time in two years.
    The music video for the song was released on September 27th, directed by Danny Mitri and Alyona Shchasnaia.
    The band said of the song, “One of our favourites in the album. It feels like fall in Australia. Jason Evigan absolutely nailed this production. We recorded the gang vocals at the end of this song together all in the same room, rather tham layering it harmony by harmony. “Bad Omens” was recorded towards the end of the album process. A lot of the songs that we made were just on our own, and towards the end it was really fun to be able to fill in the gaps. Like, we need a song with more tempo or whatever it might be, and this song was definitely that. Really satisfying to have something missing on the album, then totally fill that spot. I love how big this gets to the end with the strings, and the rising chord in the chorus is really cool, it's a beautiful song.”
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    • yb7Xm1vi2AU

    The band said of the video, “We are really proud to have worked with Ukrainian directors Danny Mitri and Alyona Shchasnaia to shoot the video for Bad Omens. Ashton had a vision that Alyona and Mitri took and developed into the beautiful metaphorical video you see today.”
    They continued, “This was the very first international commercial/video shoot in Ukraine since the war began so we want to thank Alyona, Mitri and all the people involved in Ukraine who made this video possible. They were so passionate about shooting it and we are so grateful to have worked with them on it. Thank you.”

  • Photo by Lloyd Bishop/NBC
  • source : NBC
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