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  • NOTD Releases Debut EP “NOTED...EP”: Streaming

  • Swedish musical production duo NOTD, consisting of Samuel Brandt and Tobias Danielsson, released their debut EP “NOTED...EP” along with a new single “Less I Know” featuring American singer-songwriter Quinn XCII on September 9, 2022.
    The EP comprises 6-track, featuring guest appearances from Quinn XCII, Hastings, Kenzie, Kiiara, Nightly, and The Band CAMINO.
    Produced by Andrew DeRoberts, Garrison Burgess, Johnny Simpson, Mike Wise, Nightly, ‎noble and NOTD.
    NOTD said of the EP, “This EP is very special to us. Until now, we've released only singles, so to be able to put out a project like this feels surreal and to be honest it's also a bit scary. Being stuck at home these past few years because of covid gave us the time to experiment with new sounds and see how we could implement them in our music. We're both such big fans of rock/alternative/indie music, so you're going to hear some of those influences in these new songs. We are so thankful we got to collaborate with such amazing artists and songwriters to bring it to life, and we're so proud of how it turned out.”
  • NOTD explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Less I Know” featuring Quinn XCII
    Quinn XCII said, “I've been a fan of NOTD for a while so I'm honored to be a part of 'Less I Know'. When the guys sent me this song, it really resonated, and we had the opportunity to work on it while they were in LA and really bring it to life. I'm excited for everyone to hear it.”

    “Killing Me” featuring Hastings
    “Matt (Hastings) is such a talented young artist who we've become close friends with. This song was written in a session we did together in Nashville with Seth Ennis earlier this year, and it's the only song on the EP that we co-wrote from scratch. We love working on amazing toplines that are sent to us by songwriter friends of ours, but this one has a special place for us because of the way it came together so naturally with Matt.”

    “What's With The Roses” featuring Kiiara
    “We're so excited for this song with Kiiara to finally be out. We've been fans of hers since we heard 'feels' and 'whippin,' so to do a song with her now is very special for us. Sonically, this record feels super fresh and was one of the first songs we made in the more rock/organic type of style.”

  • “about you” featuring Nightly
    “'about you' is a very special song to us that marks a transition in our creative process, one that has been a long time in the making. A few years ago, we were looking for new inspiration, so we decided to DM a few bands that we were big fans of, including Nightly, and they actually responded and sent the topline for 'about you.' Something instantly clicked in our heads and we started working on it right away. The whole thing was basically done in a few months completely over the internet, and we only met the Nightly guys in person a few months ago in Nashville. We love those guys and couldn't be more excited for everyone to finally hear the song that inspired our new direction.”

    “Worst” featuring Kenzie
    “We look at it as a super relatable story about missing an ex, and even though you broke up for a reason, you still miss them and hope life's circumstances give you another opportunity to see each other. Sonically, the upbeat production mixed with the kinda sad, emotional vocal creates that bittersweet feeling that has defined our sound.”

    “Never A Good Time” featuring The Band CAMINO
    “…some time ago our friend asked us 'have you heard this song?' and played ‘Daphne Blue‘ by The Band Camino and we immediately became fans ever since. …thought it would be sick to make a song together & here we are. so excited for this one! Although many of our fans have come to know us as pop-dance artists, we spent a lot of time during the pandemic digging in to figure out how the NOTD sound can continue to evolve. we found ourselves listening more and more to artists like The Band CAMINO, The 1975, and LANY and leaned into those influences as we crafted the next chapter of NOTD music. This new sound feels like a step forward for us, and collaborating with The Band CAMINO on 'Never A Good Time' is a dream come true. We can’t wait for our fans to hear this new record and see what their reaction is.”
  • source : Apple Music
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