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  • Maisie Peters Releases New Song “Good Enough”

  • British singer-songwriter Maisie Peters released a new song “Good Enough” on August 19, 2022.

    Earlier this month, she released “Blonde”. She explained about “Blonde” and “Good Enough” as sisters, not separately.
    The track was written by Maisie Peters, and Daniel Nigro, who also produced it.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Nic Minns.
    Maisie Peters shared on social media, “I wanted to talk about how important it is to me that these two songs existed as sisters, not separately. I think on an emotional level, it feels so true that you cannot have one without the other; the blind frivolous melodramatic confidence of blonde doesn't just spring up one day, not without seasons of doubt and sadness and really intense bouts of wondering whether you're good enough for whatever or whoever it is your heart wants.”
    She continued, “It felt important that you guys got to see that from me. Also, as a woman who makes pop music, I know that we get pigeonholed one way or another – we're just pop, or just acoustic, just this or just that. And I love all those genres so much but it matters to me that people know how multifaceted we are; I write whatever music I want to write, and while the songs may sound wildly different, I like to hope the common thread between them is me.”
  • She said of the song, “Written by myself and Daniel Nigro in early 2020, it’s a song I’ve loved and lived with for a very long time. up until now it had never felt like the right moment to put it out (maybe i wasn’t ready to be honest) but when I heard it again a month or two ago I knew that i couldn’t just keep it for my earphones anymore, so dan and I finished it properly and now you can all have it too which is very scary for me but ultimately what good enough deserves. It’s a song about trying so hard and falling so short, about the incredulous and then sinking realisation that once again, you have given your best and it is simply not good enough. what do you do when the good guys change their mind, when your the obstacle to move and not the way home? I put that feeling into this song and I hope you love it like we do, and that it can remind you that ur not alone.”
  • source : Apple Music
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