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  • New Hope Club Releases Two New Songs “Call Me a Quitter” & “Whatever”

  • British pop trio New Hope Club, consisting of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith, released two new songs “Call Me a Quitter” and “Whatever” on August 17, 2022.
    Two songs are the follow-up to “Getting Better” and “Girl Who Does Both”, which were released back in June.
    “Call Me a Quitter” was written by Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby, George Smith, and Phil Simmonds, who also produced the track.
    “We feel, as a band, that this is the most personal song we have ever released. We are nervous for everyone to hear it,” New Hope Club said of the song. “Call Me A Quitter came about when we were sat in the back of a cab in London, talking about how we were struggling with relationships during the pandemic. It was a kind-of therapy session for the three of us to write down how we had all been feeling. The song is mostly about the self-realisation that we can do better in all aspects of our life. This was the song and moment for us to change that around and not quit on what we had worked so hard for.”
    “Whatever” was written by Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby, George Smith, Ross Golan, and Jackson Morgan. Produced by Blake Richardson.
    • HSbTD8LIw2I
    • HSbTD8LIw2I
  • source : Spotify
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