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  • Lisabel Releases New Song “Flor de Louis”

  • London-based Italian singer-songwriter Lisabel Biscaldi, aka Lisabel has released her second single of 2022 entitled “Flor de Louis” following “Never Afraid”.

    She wrote the song with her long term collaborator Nikola Kovačević.
    The track is about Lisabel’s relationship and bond with her brother.
    Lisabel said of the song, “I wrote the song a few years ago when I was boarding a plane to go back to London after spending time with my family in Italy. I always had a strong bond with my brother, we inspire each other to grow in our respective careers and lives in a way that to me is very special and unique. It’s hard to live in different countries but we are always connected even when we're far.”
    Lyrically, Lisabel chose to use the metaphor of the Flor de Louis usually known as ‘Flor de Lis’ to describe the colourful aura that her brother emanates. She explained, “I really like the musicality that lives in the phrase ‘Flor de Lis’ and as I researched the history of the term out I found out that in the 13th/14th century it was used by the French Monarchs as their coats of arms and it was often referred to ‘Fleur de Louis’ being that the term was coined by the French Kings. This discovery inspired me even more to write a story that could be perceived as a dedication to a person, as well as a more ‘abstract’ story.”
  • Previous Song “Never Afraid

    Photo by Nikola Kovačević
  • source : Apple Music
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