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  • Rose Ranger Releases New Album “Confessions”: Streaming

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Rose Ranger released her sixth studio album “Confessions” on June 17, 2022.

    The album comprises 8-track, produced by Ryan Stewart and Rose Ranger as co-producer.
    Rose Ranger said of the album, “My new album born out of resilience and learning how to find strength in vulnerability. It's about being compassionate with yourself, and others, because everyone is going through something that you probably have no clue about. Find your inner hero.”
    The album searches for sparks of hope, empowerment, and freedom after some personal and family tragedies in her own life.
    She explained, “These last six years have been hard. My step-dad who raised me since I was five passed away unexpectedly; my mom became really ill with a chronic and serious health condition; then some close family members began a downward spiral into alcoholism; my dad's mom and brother passed away in the same year; my dad had a heart attack and was put on a bunch of medication; my brother went deaf and lost all hearing. My entire family was experiencing a lot of pain, grief and loss. And then COVID happened. It was a lot to deal with in a short period of time. This album is not only about resiliency, but learning how to be more compassionate with yourself and others because everyone is going though something that you probably have no clue about.”
  • Rose Ranger recorded the album in Ryan Stewart's recording studio last summer through the peak of COVID.
    She said, “We had protection glass set up between us and wore masks until we got vaccinated. Then we had the crazy summer heatwave and we were working on the hottest day of the year. At some point into recording my vocals, I started loosing my voice which has only happened to me once before in 2012 after overuse of my voice. I had to stop speaking for the month of August to save my voice for singing, so there was a lot of unpredictable changes going on.”

    She explained some tracks for the album.

    “More specifically, this is a musical love letter to someone from the past who you had an undeniable chemistry and connection with, but couldn't make it work. Sometimes in the process of trying to figure out what we want, we might confuse or hurt people around us. The song communicates both regret and hope, after finding honesty and a sense of peace in self-reflection.”

    “'Power' is about speaking truth to those who are abusing their power. Seeking justice by finally standing up for oneself. Pain can be transformed into empowerment from the oppressive forces that want to keep us down and dim our light. "Power" can be used for good over evil.”
  • source : Apple Music
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