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  • Amelia Moore Releases Debut EP “teaching a robot to love”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Amelia Moore has released her long-awaited debut EP “teaching a robot to love”.
    The EP comprises 7-track and she recorded with producers Pink Slip and Inverness in Los Angeles.
    Amelia Moore said of the EP in a press release, “This project is the culmination of first love, first loss, and the recognition that love is what separates us from the robots.”
    Also she told The Forty Five about the EP, “This project is the exploration of all of these feelings of falling in love for the first time and stepping outside of my shell and really figuring out who I am aside from growing up the way that I did, because I'm a completely different person. I'm assuming growing up in high school you have a bit more of an understanding of the real world and what life is actually like. As a homeschooler, I was sheltered and just had no idea about anything. This music is me figuring it out in real time.”
  • Sha shared on social media, “And to the person i wrote all this shit about..ngl i always pictured u being apart of my life for this moment. in a twisted way u still kinda are. u prolly feelin nice since u got a bunch of dope ass songs written ab u. just know u don't deserve this. I DO. this project is NOT for u. it's for ME and all the other ppl who have failed to teach a robot to love. i honestly didn't even roast ur robot ass on this record like i should've but let's save being petty for the next project shall we 🤖🖕🏼🧡🪫😇“

  • Amelia Moore explained of some tracks.

    “moves” via The Line Of Best Fit
    “I wanted to show some duality in what I'm able to do as an artist. I love that 'moves' shows off the playful side of my personality and music that no one has seen yet.”

    “wrote this one back in december with Jackson Lee Morgan, Inverness and Pink Slip. we got Sqirl for lunch & listened to our fav r&b ballads on the way home. i was emotionally exhausted and cried every day of my writing camp over someone who made me feel stupid, small & psycho for being as sensitive as i am. it fucking sucked. and it still does sometimes. so if u relate to crybaby, i'm so sorry, but i am here with u and we will get thru this bullshit together. im proud to be a crybaby!! i'm human! i bleed when my fingers pricked !!!! and i count my calories !!!! anyways ily. this song is for US. don't let ANYBODY tell u how to feel, especially motherfuckers that wear flip flops 🤖🌧🖤👶🏼”

    “vinegar” via PAPER
    “'vinegar' is absolutely drawn from personal experience. My song mom, Gabriella Caspi, and I wrote this song about finally feeling ready to face all the baggage I've buried in a healthy and productive way. The lyrics take you through the progression of realization, action and release.”

    “teaching a robot how to love”
    “One of the answers that my friend laid down was the card that said 'teaching a robot to love' It was the funniest thing ever. After we finished laughing, I was like, 'Wait, that's actually kind of hard, I should write that down and have it be the title of a song or something'.”
  • source : Apple Music
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