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  • Jeff Eager Releases New Song “Joy”

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jeff Eager has released a new song “Joy”.
    The song is the first single of 2022 and will appear on his forthcoming sophomore album.
    It was written by Jeff Eager. Yhe track features '80s R&B sound vibe.
    “'Joy' is an R&B-inspired song with a funky groove, deep organic bass lines, falsetto vocals, moving string parts, and a real 'tension-and-release' chord progression,” Jeff Eager said of tha song. “It's about joy often being just out of reach. Even at the times when all the external things in our lives lineup in our favour, joy can still escape us. I believe this yearning is pretty universal, and I hope listeners can relate, no matter what stage in life they are in.”
    He continued, “The chorus speaks of having joy in our heart and our hands, something we strive to understand. But the line 'then it slips away like a summer day, it's joy … come back' is really the anchor of the whole piece. It's elusive, it's hard to define, but we know it when we have it, and sometimes it feels like we can only hold on to joy for a brief time. This song doesn't offer up a solution, it merely captures this strong human desire and expresses it beautifully.”
  • Photo by Adrian Marsi
  • source : Apple Music
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