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  • Ghost Caravan Covers Elvis Costello's “Girls Talk”

  • Toronto-based pop group Ghost Caravan released a cover of Elvis Costello's “Girls Talk” along with a music video on May 19, 2022.
    The original version of the song was written by British singer-songwriter Elvis Costello and recorded by Dave Edmunds in 1978.
    The cover version was produced by Joe Thompson and an accompanying music video was directed by Jason Cipparrone.
    “My 80's leaning electro-pop cover of 'Girls Talk' is a little cheeky, definitely danceable, but still retains the powerful lyrical and melodic core of the Elvis Costello original,” the group leader Shaina Silver-Baird said of the song. “This song brings up memories of being a teenager for me. It conjures the image of a bunch of girls huddled together giggling and whispering excitedly. I love the thought of them knowing that there's power in what they say.”
    She continued, “For the 'Girls Talk' music video, we harnessed the intoxicating and intimidating feeling of a group of people talking and gossiping using multi-coloured lips. I created a distinct personality for each lip colour: yellow was quite sweet and shy, pink had an almost toxic level of positivity, blue was super sad and moody, and purple was straight up mean. It was devilishly fun.”
  • She added, “When I hear a male voice singing this song, it really feels like he's on the outside looking in on the female experience. But when I hear a woman sing it, like Linda Ronstadt, or in this case me, it feels like the whole story of the song is flipped. It's now being sung from the inside of the experience. It's empowering. After a tough couple years, I just want to have a good time and provide an opportunity for someone else to have fun. And this track fits right into that.”
  • source : Apple Music
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