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  • Connie Constance Premieres New Song “Miss Power” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Constance Power, aka Connie Constance premiered a new song “Miss Power” along with a music video on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song is her first music since the 2021 EP “Prim & Propa”.
    It was written by Ed Thomas, Sam Knowles and Constance Power. Produced by Karma Kid. The accompanying video was directed by Jess Woodley.
    She told Clara Amfo about the song title, “I think like, it's very lucky having that name. Because sometimes it's a little bit like whenever I'm either down or stressed out and I hold on, 'I'm a power woman'. Like that's literally my name. That's my mom's name. That's my family name. Like, this is who I am. So I think like I wanted to encapsulate that energy into the song.”
  • She said about when she wrote the song, “Definitely really needed it. So I was like, I need a song. Basically, for lockdown, I was like, cleaning toilets. I had to like, change my whole like situation around to be able to still go studio. So I was like, hold on a second, like I need to be able to look in the mirror and be like, I'm still the baddest be that I am. And it was kind of like when I think about the song. It makes me laugh a little bit because I think of Cool Runnings. When they're looking in the mirror and is that I don't know what he says is like, you're the baddest. Yeah, this is my bat song and decided, You know what, no matter what happens, I can rely on myself. And it's kind of like, I want people to have that song for any moment where they're like, not feeling like the style that they are. They can listen to it and be like I've got me I'm gonna keep moving. I'm gonna keep my head off and I'm gonna keep going.”

  • She is currently working on her new album. “I feel like the next album is like I'm diving a little bit more in fantasy, a little bit with like theories and like that's kind of like my upbringing and what my mom had like in the house was all this kind of fairy tales. So that's kind of like where our angle that album at and then obviously there are my own stories, weaved through that theme.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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