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  • Post Malone Performs Unreleased Song “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” featuring Fleet Foxes on Saturday Night Live

  • American rapper Post Malone appeared on Saturday Night Live to perform his latest song “Cooped Up” and unreleased song “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol”.
    This marks the first time Post Malone has been the musical performer on the sketch show. This time, American singer-songwriter Selena Gomez hosted SNL.
    Two songs will appear on his upcoming fourth studio album “Twelve Carat Toothache”, which is out June 3, 2022.
    “Cooped Up” was released on May 13, 2020 and he teamed up with American rapper Roddy Ricch.
    He said of Roddy Ricch, “He's just such an incredible man and just a natural performer and vocalist and lyricist. And he just gets after it, and it's so cool. Dude, and just to watch him grow. And he's such a beautiful, beautiful man. And so talented, man. I'm so pumped.”
    “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” is unreleased song. He collaborated with American alt-folk band Fleet Foxes on the track.
    He permed the song with the band frontman Robin Pecknold for the first time on TV.
    “He's the most beautiful fucking vocalist, the most epic fucking guy,” Post Malone said. “Fleet Foxes is one of my favourite bands.”
    The track was written by Robin Pecknold and Post Malone.
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    He said of the new album, “That's what the whole record is about. It's the bipolar aspect and the duality of everything. And so, there's a lot of things very much on this record that are tongue in cheek. And I think this whole record is the most honest record I've made, and I'm so pumped for people to hear it. But every song in there tells a story, so this is kind of like, “Here's the life that we live, but there's always something going on in the background.”
  • source : NBC
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