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  • WIESINGER Releases New Song “FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Wiesinger, aka WIESINGER released a new song “FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)” on May 6, 2022.

    The song is his third single of 2022, following “Selfless” and “All My Friends” featuring Beth Kryger.
    It was written by Justin Wiesinger.
    Justin Wiesinger said of the song, “This song is a cry for help. I started writing it after developing an unhealthy pattern of overconsumption and hyper-consumerism during the winter of the pandemic lockdowns. At the time, I found myself hungering for something. I wasn’t quite sure it was but I hadn’t gotten together with my best friends in months.”
    He continued, “I decided to put the challenge of collecting used copies of every single James Bond DVD upon myself. I scoured the Value Village shops in town and the rural secondhand stores in hopes of scoring another copy of one of the 25+ action spy films. I became so focused on collecting objects - attempting to replace all of the conversations, late nights at concerts, and outings with friends that I so desperately missed. Instead of loving people and using things, we found ourselves using people and loving things during the pandemic. We all bought an air fryer and collected possessions in order to feel that hole that only connection with others and community can fill.”
  • source : Apple Music
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