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  • Dermot Kennedy Premieres New Song “Something to Someone” on BBC Radio 1

  • Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy premiered a new song “Something to Someone” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    The song is his first music since the 2021 single “Better Days” featuring EARTHGANG.
    It was written by Dermot Kennedy, Scott Harris, Jonah Seth Rawitz and Sam Roman. Produced by Jonah Shy and Scott Harris.
    Dermot Kennedy said of the song in a statement, “To be something to someone. To love and be loved in return. What a comforting thought it is to know that no matter what you endure, no matter how lonely the world may seem, you're still on somebody's mind. It is the only thing. I want this song to be a reminder to whoever hears it that they are loved.”
    He told Clara Amfo, “I think it's been a mad few years and I think a lot of stuff. I mean, I don't think that's necessarily over and it feels like so many things have happened that kind of steer people towards just like. I don't know, like it feels like a quite a selfish time for a lot of us. I think you have to worry about your own circle and your own people and then I don't know it just doesn't feel like the most loving time ever. So I don't know it's your job as a songwriter right to put that into the world if you can, and I just Yeah, I think it's just a nice thought right for anybody, anywhere in the whole world. Someone is that one person for you that he's thinking about, you know, no matter how lonely or distant you might feel.”
  • He continued, “So I'm pretty sort of keen to make sure it's not just that right like because there's a saying sometimes my mom would say that sometimes if sometimes if you saw anybody who was kind of down on their luck, you say some mother's son, you know, like no matter how much anybody struggles, there's some mother's son and so yeah, I think it's important to know that it's any relationship that could be between a child and a parent. It could be romantic anything any two friends anything at all, just to know that someone you are on somebody's mind.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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