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  • Sons Of Silver Releases New EP “Ordinary Sex Appeal”: Streaming

  • American alt-rock band Sons Of Silver, consisting of Peter Argyropoulos (vocals/guitar), Brina Kabler (keyboards), Kevin Haaland (guitar), Adam Kury (bass) and Dave Krusen (drums), released their sophomore EP ”Ordinary Sex Appeal” on April 29, 2022.
    It is their first project in two years since the 2020 EP “Doomsday Noises”.
    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Sons Of Silver.
    The band recorded the EP in the summer and fall of 2020. “Ordinary Sex Appeal was recorded in the summer and fall of 2020. We escaped the isolation of the pandemic and the frustration of the political unrest by getting together at our personal recording studio to make some music and hang out,” Peter Argyropoulos explained. We didn't have any agenda. Like everyone else, our plans for the year were upended. But we got in a good groove by jamming several hours a day for a few days a week. I would sift through the jams for the best ideas at the end of the day and share them with the band on a private SoundCloud playlist that night. We'd each choose our favorites and try to finish them off as fast as possible; usually within two or three sessions.” Plus, we had an endless supply of inspiration and angst to draw from with everything going on at the time.”
  • He continued, “The EP was self-produced. No outside players. Brina, our keyboardist, recorded everything. She was unable to mix because she had to take time off for maternity leave. So, we ever so fortunately entrusted John Fields (Soul Asylum, Miley Cyrus, Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World) with mixing. It was tough to let the unmixed tracks out of our hands. We're very definitive with our sounds and balances while recording, leaving very little wiggle room for mixing. Fields did an amazing job of communicating with Brina to capture the rough-and-tumble-yet-refined vibe we were going for. We couldn't be happier. He's family now.”

  • Peter Argyropoulos explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Who's Gonna Stop Us”
    “'Who's Gonna Stop Us' is like a comet that suddenly appears in a midnight sky, leaving you to ask, Where did that come from? The band was jamming in the studio, working up some new songs. We were laboring on something slow. I sensed our energy dipping. There was a lull and started playing something fast to pick us up. That “something” I started playing became the intro riff to the song and launched us in a fresh direction. If I recall correctly, it took us all of 20-minutes to sort out the arrangement and record a solid take. We'd peaked for the day and left it to simmer. It was August of 2020. I had a lot of out-of-control, nefarious, social-political characters in the headlines to draw from and, frankly, poke fun at. So, back to recording we went with some added inspiration.”

    “Like many of our songs, Hesitate came about during a band writing session. It was the summer of 2020. We'd recently returned to the studio after not seeing each other since the pandemic began. All of us were both relieved and unnerved. Relieved to get back to work and unnerved as in, WTF is going on! Considering the circumstances of the pandemic at that time, we didn't know how comfortable we'd be working closely in our somewhat small recording studio. But the uneasiness lasted all of 30 seconds. Once we got going, the work was carefree, cathartic and rejuvenating. New ideas poured out immediately and we chased them down throughout the fall of 2020.
    One particular day in August, we were trying to find 'the missing piece' for an incomplete song. I don't remember anything about that song, now. But I do remember a lot of dead-end ideas. We were kind of done for the day when, suddenly, we found ourselves in the middle of a collective burst of energy. A last gasp that had nothing to do with what we'd been working on all day and everything to do with what we'd been feeling for months. It was a moment of inspiration that became Hesitate. We captured all of our musical ideas and nearly all of the lyrics in about ten minutes.
    Hesitate was scheduled for release weeks before the word made its way to the top of our current social lexicon. It has nothing to do with vaccines, vaccine mandates, proponents, or opponents. Or does it?”
  • source : Apple Music
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