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  • Natalie Saint-Martin Releases New Song “2nd Place”

  • Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Natalie Saint-Martin released a new song “2nd Place” with an accompanying music video on April 29, 2022.

    The song is the first single since the 2021 EP “Wish You Well”.
    It was written by Natalie Saint Martin and produced by David Holman.
    “2nd Place was written about being doubted by everyone in my life at the time. Feeling runner up at my job, in my music career, more particularly when I was alone in my dormant thoughts. After endless months of self-doubt and fear, it forced me down two terrifying, tornado filled roads. Believe the people that know nothing about you, or believe in the person you have always dreamt of being. Fear will always coexist. The orchestra is our resilient hearts, our creative minds and our hard work. Yes, fear exists but it is not the conductor. 2nd Place is a reminder to myself, and hopefully to you that despite what anyone else says. You're allowed to be in 1st Place.”
  • She said of the video, “The concept for the video was to be 'floating' from a bridge, to convey the feeling of trying to stay afloat in the ocean with house sized waves above you. To capture the way Murphy's Law swings at us when we think we have nothing left. It really was a struggle though. I was hanging under that bridge with a gargantuan, cartoon-like, wedgie from the harness holding me up. So ridiculous and hilarious all you can do is laugh that the DIY process of it all was the most rewarding part, now looking back. I chose this song because we all feel this way at some point in our lives, and it felt like it was the most appropriate way to begin the release of all the music we've made the last two years.”
  • source : Apple Music
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