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We stand with the people of Ukraine and pray for peace
  • GIVVEN Releases New EP “Losing Colours”: Streaming

  • International electropop trio GIVVEN, consisting of Adrian Held in Berlin, Jordan Haller in Toronto and Nikodem Milewski in Vienna, released a new 3-track EP “Losing Colours” on March 24, 2022.

    The EP was written and produced by Adrian Held, Jordan Haller and Nikodem Milewski.
    Three accompanying music videos were directed by Rupert Höller, who shot in Iceland.
    GIVVEN explained some tracks for the EP.

    “Losing Colours”
    “We're incredibly proud of 'Losing Colours'. From the writing to production, it all took months to dial in and get perfect but we think you can really feel the time and love we put into this one when you listen to the track. Every little detail in lyrics and melody and sound design was meticulously thought out and dialled in. For the vocal production, I was inspired by a song called 'Stories' by 'Refs' and how they automated the formant shifting of their vocals in the second verse. I thought that was such a cool way to play with vocal delivery so I took the concept and built on it a little and brought that to the verses of 'Losing Colours' to give the vocals a new way to twist and turn and kind of keep the listener off-balance.”

    “'Doubts' immediately grabs your ear, opening with very close and floaty falsetto vocals. Tapping into electronic roots, 'Doubts' starts with a gentle verse and chorus before dipping, then diving into a deeply effected vocal chop and bass-led drop. Constantly moving in different directions, 'Doubts' mirrors the chaos of an inner voice that's constantly trying to lead you astray. The music video for 'Doubts' is a smokey, magma-infused art piece showcasing a dancer battling with her inner demons amidst an active volcano and dark, steaming lava fields looming ominously in the background of every shot.”
  • Also, the trio will all donate proceeds from Bandcamp of March to organizations that are helping in Ukraine.
    The trio shared on social media, “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. « Elie Wiesel
    We stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine. We also stand in solidarity with the anti-war protestors in Russia who stand up for democracy, human rights and peace.
    When the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine reached us, we – as surely most of you – were totally shocked and deeply saddened. We used the last few days to follow the media, to inform ourselves and to listen.
    It was immediately clear for us, that we need to help!
    For the month of March we are going to donate 100% of our proceeds from Bandcamp to organizations that are helping in Ukraine. Link to our Bandcamp in bio.
    We also want to encourage all of you to contribute, to help to the extent that is possible for you. We know, that varies from person to person, but there are many ways to help other than donating. You can find a Link on how to help in your region in our bio.”
  • source : Apple Music
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