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  • Lauren Weintraub Releases New Song “Missing You”

  • American singer-songwriter Lauren Weintraub signed to Virgin Music Label and released the first song “Missing You” under her new label.
    Lauren Weintraub says, “I am so excited that “Missing You” is my first release with Virgin Music. I haven’t been this excited to release a song since my debut single and this song is one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. The night it was written, I put it on TikTok and it blew up getting 1 million views and since then it has over 7 million views and has 23,000 pre-saves so I knew it was something that was striking an emotional chord.”
    “Missing You” was written by Todd Clark, Sara Haze, Jason Saenz and Lauren Weintraub. Produced by Daniel Ross.
    She explained of the song, “I was on the verge of tears for most of the creation of the song as it is how I was able to move on emotionally from a hard time. I hope it can bring that to others as well. It’s about that person that you just can’t let go of but you know you have to if you want to move on.”
  • Lauren Weintraub shared on social media, “This one hurts. We all know what it feels like to have something in our lives that we know isn't serving us anuymore. Something we know is no longer aligned with the highest version of who we are hoping to be. Whether it's a person, a place, a thing, a habit...we all have something. Missing You is that for me. Missing You is the exact moment when you realize you have to let go. It's the moment when it's 2am and you'd usually call them but you decide not to for the first time. It's the moment when you're thinking about panic driving around town all night but decide to sit down and take deep breaths instead. It's the moment when you're thinking about repeating old patterns but out of nowhere you somehow find the strength not to. I wrote this song to get me through one of the hardest time in my life and I hope it can be that for you too. Whatever it is, and only when you're ready, I hope you make missing them just mean missing them. Here's to healing.”

  • Photo by Kenzie Maroney
  • source : Apple Music
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