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  • GAYLE Releases Debut EP “a study of the human experience volume one”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter GAYLE released her debut EP “a study of the human experience volume one” along with a new music video for “luv starved” on March 18, 2022.
    The EP comprises 6-track, including her smash hit “abcdefu” which reached No. 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the UK Singles chart.
    The new music video was directed by Jimmy Fisco. The track was written by Sara Davis, Jonny Shorr and GAYLE.
    GAYLE said of the EP, “When I was younger, I had an image in my head of who I was going to be when I got older. How I was going to act, how I was going to dress, what type of friends I was going to have, the things I wasn't going to do 'til I was married or twenty-one and then I grew up and stuck to none of it. For a while, I didn't know why because it was so important to me when I was younger. Then I realized what I wanted in life has just changed and that's okay. the study of the human experience for me is about my life experiences and the people I collaborated with on the project experience. For me, growing up is about making mistakes and learning from them. it just sucks sometimes that I have to make so many to learn.”
  • GAYLE explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “luv starved”
    “I wrote 'luv starved' with Sara Davis and Jonny Shorr when I had made so many mistakes when it came to my relationships and love life. I pushed away every possibility of it away until somebody came into my life that I didn't want to push away and I couldn't tell if it would be worth it or not to open up myself to the possibility of caring about somebody deeply.”

    “Funny enough the song was originally called 'abcdefuckoff' and I decided to pull it back just a little haha. I didn't want to give away the whole concept of the song with just the title and I thought 'abcdefu' was a good in-between. this is a very new song that i've never released before and there's not 26 versions out! hope you like this very new song that's very different and original for me <3”

    “sleeping with my friends”
    “I wrote this song with Maya and Brandon Shoop on Zoom when I was in a really lonely, bored, and numb period in my life. Sexually and emotionally I was just going through the motions and I was also having a difficult time differentiating platonic, sexual, and romantic feelings towards my friends and I made some decisions that I used to see as a mistakes but I no longer feel that way and sleeping with my friends is capturing that moment of time for me.”

  • “ur just horny”
    “ur just horny is about the time i crossed the line in a friendship that I thought was platonic for years. After crossing the line I noticed that they started treating me differently – they weren't as nice and outgoing and honestly i couldn't recognize them anymore. i started catching them in little lies and my mind couldn't help but wonder what else they've lied to me about before. Writing 'ur just horny' for me was coming to that realization that they didn't want to be my friend they just wanted to get into my pants – and that hurt. it's hard to separate platonic, romantic, and sexual feelings and sometimes in friendships the lines can get blurry.”

    “e-z feat Blu DeTiger and UPSAHL coming out with my EP a study of the human experience volume one!!! I absolutely love what these two talented women did to the song and i hope you love it as much as I do <3”

    ​​​​“kiddie pool”
    “Kiddie Pool is about the feeling of wanting to know somebody inside and out, it can be a very intimidating thing to admit the fact that you want to fall in love with someone and kiddie pool is capturing that thought process.”

    Photo by Juan Veloz via NYLON
  • source : Apple Music
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