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  • BEKA Releases New Song “Don't Call Me A Friend”

  • London-based singer-songwriter BEKA has released a new song “Don't Call Me A Friend”.
    The song follows up “Thorn”, which was released last October.
    It track was written by Gil Lewis, Rebeka Rachel Prance and Roland Spreckley. Produced by Gil Lewis and Rebeka Rachel Prance.
    BEKA said of the song, “In this body of work, I've been exploring the themes of legacy and identity and part of my personal story is that my Grandparents, who met each other in the '50s in North Yorkshire - one from the West Indies the other from York - at that time when most people thought they shouldn't be together, pursued love even amidst the haters. In the midst of a bunch of negativity, my Grandparents found a way to carve out a future together and choose love… for me, this is such a really timeless idea and sat at some of the inspiration for this song."
    She continued, “When writing this, I was feeling done with being polite and I wanted to scream and shout and dance and let it all out. Musically I was trying to capture that moment when you close your eyes and imagine all your feelings, full colour, in music video format. This song for me is about letting out your feelings at full volume and having the courage to live your truth even in the face of negativity. It's about being brave enough to choose the love you deserve.”
  • source : Apple Music
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