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  • Rob Roth Releases New Song “Breathe Into My Heart”

  • New York City based Pop/EDM singer-songwriter Rob Roth released a new song “Breathe Into My Heart” on February 4, 2022.
    The song is taken from his upcoming debut EP “Sink or Swim”, which is expected to be released in March.
    The track follows up “Who You Are”, which was released last November.
    Rob Roth said of the song, “I wrote 'Breathe Into My Heart' as an homage to music becoming my life's savior. After looking back on my adult life, I realized how many dead-end roads I kept walking down over and over again. Music truly became engraved into my DNA over the last two years and has shown me that all of the pain and agony I went through wasn't worthless, in fact, it gave me a real purpose in life. Music breathed life back into my soul and put my broken pieces back together.”
  • Before to be singer-songwriter, he has been an athlete for decades, but his life took a turn after overcoming 6 major injuries in a 5-year span.
    Part of that change was reconnecting with music. When the pandemic hit, he immersed himself into music. Almost all of the songs he has created came from only one weekend of writing. He independently released two pop-rock songs in February/March 2021 in collaboration with Ben Rice, owner of Degraw Sounds in Brooklyn.

  • Previous Song “Who You Are”:

    He said of the previous song, “'Who You Are' is a track that is inspired by the early part of a relationship when you feel like you have opened up and shared your insecurities with your partner, but doesn't feel like it has been reciprocated. It is a hopeful vibe that basically shares that moment when you say I am in love with this person and I am going to share it with them, and I hope that they feel the same way. The message is truly to not hold back your feelings for that person when they are as strong as they are.”
  • source : Apple Music
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