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  • James McLeod Releases Debut Song “Parkdale”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter James McLeod, formerly LaFlamme, has released a debut song “Parkdale”.
    The song is the first single off of his upcoming debut album “Is This How Memories Work?”.
    James McLeod said of the song, I’m blending 'folktronic' sounds with pop sensibilities about a night on the town recounted as a dream. So many debaucherous nights took place in this Toronto neighborhood! Upon reflection, I realized in my 30s that all of the seemingly friendly strangers I'd met in my 20s more closely resembled monsters.”
    He continued, “Deliciously intoxicating, 'Parkdale' is about leaning into your vices even when they no longer serve you merely because it's convenient to. In the closing line, it's revealed that the narrator feels right at home in this nightmare, giving thanks for its seductive destructiveness.”
  • To date, James McLeod has released five albums as LaFlamme, including the 2021 collaborative album “Synesthesia” with Irene Elliott.
    But he started his music career as a folktronic, lofi, bedroom-pop, indie singer-songwriter.
    The debut album comprises 12-track. He self-produced the album and co-wrote it with the likes of Cassie DaSilva, Tilsen, Bedhead, BEX, as well as a handful of other writers and performers.
    He said of the album, “Is This How Memories Work? has to do with how we feel in the moment, and how those memories get distorted over time. The only thing we know for sure is what we sense in the present tense.”
  • source : Apple Music
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