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  • Holding Absence Shares New Album “The Greatest Mistake of My Life”: Streaming

  • Back in April 2021, British rock band Holding Absence, consisting of Lucas Woodland (vocals/keyboard), Ashley Green (drums), Scott Carey (guitar) and Benjamin Elliott (bass), released their sophomore album “The Greatest Mistake of My Life” for the first time two years.
    The album comprises 12-track, and is about telling stories that are presented through the lens of hindsight, regret and looking back, produced by Dan Weller.
    Holding Absence shared on social media, “We were immensely proud of this record from the moment we set foot in the studio back in February 2020, but after the last year we've all had, it feels so much more poignant. We hope that, in the way it brought us light through the darkness, it can remind you guys that life is there to be celebrated.”
    Also, frontman Lucas Woodland told Rock Sound, “This album was inspired by a woman singing a song 90 years that I was able to resonate with now. I'm not expecting people to be listening to us in 90 years, but this album was created around this timeless expression of emotion. Ironically, that's what we try and achieve every time we write a song and that's very symbolic of what this album has been and what it hopefully can be.”
  • Holding Absenc explained track-by-track for the album.

    “Awake is the first breath after a long sleep; The initial moment after an epiphany. Awake is a song about the birth of hope, and was a perfect way to start the record.”

    “Celebration Song”
    “'Celebration Song' is the opening track of the record and looks at the celebration of life after depression, in the joyful disbelief that you made it this far. The song is a kick of elation and hopefulness at the beginning of the record, to contrast with the despair shown in the last track 'Mourning Song'.”

    “Curse Me With Your Kiss”
    “'Curse Me With Your Kiss' is a song about the one that got away, and how their absence haunts your every step.”

    “'Afterlife' is song about a love that lasts longer than mortal life. It's about knowing somebody is watching over your every move, with their blessing and grace.”

    “Drugs And Love”
    “The key to overcoming depression is curing the problems inside of you. 'Drugs And Love' is about the tendency people may have to patch themselves up on the outside, instead. Drawing parallels between the two topics, the song looks at the constant use of love and drugs as ways of escapism, and maintaining people's denial over their true, deeper problems.”

  • “In Circles”
    “In Circles is a tale of small-town listlessness. A commentary on how the monotony of life can inherently train you to never dream further than your doorstep and the girl next door.”

    "We're super excited to release nomoreroses on the home stretch before TGMOML comes out next week! The song is definitely a heavier and more progressive track than people have heard from us in a while, which is perfect as it represents just how varied the record is. nomoreroses is lyrically a song about a sour relationship with God, looking at how hard it can be to believe in a God that seemingly doesn't believe in you.”

    “Beyond Belief”
    “The fear of loving somebody for eternity can be scary when you don't truly know what their definition of “forever” truly is. Beyond Belief is about casting aside that fear, in the name of love.”

    “Die Alone (In Your Lover's Arms)”
    “The two sides of deathbed regret. One narrator is remorselessly singing about how the love that their life was devoted to ultimately meant nothing to them, the other narrator laments over the fact that she never truly knew her time was being squandered.”

    “Mourning Song”
    “'Mourning Song' is about how the death of a loved one can contextually ease the pain that you might go through on mortal earth. Though sometimes living life through sadness can be hard, this song encourages us to live on behalf of those who had no choice... In their memory, if nothing else.”

    Photo by Bethan Miller
  • source : Apple Music
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