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  • Sody Releases New Song “Old Flame”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Sophie Dyson, aka Sody has released a new song “Old Flame”.
    It is her second single since the 2020 EP “real growth takes time”, following “B*tch (I Said It)” released back in September.
    The track was written by Martin Luke Brown and Sody. Produced by Martin Luke Brown and Joe Kearns.
    Sody shres on socil media, “i wrote this song about how sometimes i catch myself thinking about my old flames, normally after a few gins and because i’m the nosiest person ever, so sometimes i wonder if they still think about me or wonder if they ever talk about me/what they say or just wonder how they are doing!!! i mean we did have some good times after all. it’s kinda a ‘what we had’ part 2 in a way because you obviously know you shouldn’t feel that way as you were the one who ended it (even worse!!!!!) so anyways yes, sorry mr exes (there isn’t many!!!), i am a terrible human who sometimes wishes she was a fly on your wall (not in a creepy way lol) or would bump into you in the street to say hello and smile like in a movie :-)”
  • source : Apple Music
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