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  • Jon Rivera Releases Two New Songs “Americana” & “Last Winter”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Jon Rivera, formerly known as JT Soul, released two new songs “Americana” and “Last Winter”.
    Two singles his first music since changing his stage name to Jon Rivera.
    Two songs will appear on his upcoming EP “First Thing's First”, which is expected to be released in March 2022.
    “Americana” was written by Jon Rivera & myDirtyhaircut. Produced by Etienne Cyr, Gianni Rivera and Benjamin Caron.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Xavier MC.
    Jon Rivera said of the song, “My fresh new track, 'Americana,' is about the desire to make something out of yourself. In the essence, this song is simply me, manifesting something greater – putting it out there in the universe.”
    He continued, “'Americana' inspired something very road-trippy but I didn't want to get into something cliché. Location wise, I wanted to create some confusion regarding where exactly I was.”
    “Last Winter” was written by Etienne Cyr, Gianni Rivera, and Benjamin Caron. Produced by Etienne Cyr, Gianni Rivera and Benjamin Caron.
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    • YJNNmHimIuY

    Jon Rivera explained why he changed his stage name, “I'm aware it may be confusing why I disappeared for a year and changed my performer name. Pre-COVID, I (JT Soul) was on a roll. I had just been booked for two of the biggest festivals of my career, and things were starting to be good. Then COVID came and everything was put on hold – all of a sudden, we had all this time on our hands. I remember asking myself if this was really what I wanted to do – not as an amateur, but to really reach for the stars. I started working out and locked myself in the studio 24/7.”
    He continued, “After a while, my music started to sound different. I naturally moved away from what I would have been attracted to earlier in my career. Then I started changing physically – soon enough, I was 100 pounds lighter and in the best shape of my life with a record that was a lot closer to indie pop than anything I was known for as a rapper. That's when I decided I had to change my name. It really wasn't easy. You spend years building a name for yourself, only to do it all over again from scratch. But what lies ahead is so much bigger than anything I'm leaving behind.”
  • source : Apple Music
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