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  • Laura Dreyfuss Releases Debut EP “Peaks”: Streaming

  • New York-based actress and singer-songwriter Laura Dreyfuss has released her long-awaited debut EP “Peaks” on November 12, 2021.
    The EP comprises 5-track, including three previously released tracks and two new songs, featuring guest appearance from Jeremy Pope.
    Laura Dreyfuss said of the EP, “This EP really represents how I've found my voice as an artist and a person. So much has changed in my life in the last few years and these songs act like little journal entries throughout.”
    She continued, “It's changed me so much, in ways I'm still not fully aware of. It's deepened me as a person. With every song I write, I learn more about myself. And anything that deepens you, it's obviously going to show up in your work. As an actor, I'm constantly learning more about myself. With every role, I learn something new just like I learn something new from every song that I write.”
  • Laura Dreyfuss explained of some tracks.

    "This song is about finding your voice in an unsupportive relationship. It's my way of telling someone that their negativity won't stop me from celebrating who I am and what I've accomplished.”

    “Be Great” featuring Jeremy Pope
    “That can be as deep as haters not wanting your dreams to come true, or it can also be about the MTA not wanting you to get to work on time. When you have a dream and want to do something, so many people will tell you all of the reasons you can't. They're just living in fear. Tell them no, and do it anyway. I had so much fun filming this video with Jeremy. This song came from such a positive place, and I wanted to represent that visually.”

    “Nose To Nose”
    “With 'Nose To Nose', I wanted to capture the purest form of love, and I felt like a fun way to express that was writing about my dog Banjo. She's such a presence in my life," says DreyfusThe lyrics seem like they're about a person though! Musically, it's the joy of having this unconditional love from an innocent animal. It's a celebration of that.”

    “'Pillow' is where my headspace was for most of 2020. I was trying to find comfort in what I could control in a very isolating environment. 'Pillow' is so special to me. It's about feeling isolated and alone while also having support and love around me. I wanted the song to feel like a hug.”
  • source : Apple Music
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