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  • Imagine Dragons Releases New Album “Mercury - Act 1”: Streaming

  • American pop rock band Imagine Dragons, consisting of Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee and Daniel Platzman, released their fifth studio album “Mercury - Act 1” on September 3, 2021.
    It is their first album in three years. The album's name is derived from the word “mercurial”, drawing on frontman Dan Reynolds' mental health struggles and the band's lack of specific genre classification.
    The album features themes of loss, loneliness, and grief, while celebrating life.
    This time, the band worked with producer Rick Rubin on the album.
    “My first goal with creating art is putting out something that is honest,” frontman Dan Reynolds told Apple Music. “One of the things that has been so inspiring to me working with Rick is I have been trying to refine spirituality and belief. When the rug is pulled out on you with religion, I was left with nothing. It made me trust no one. Any story anybody told me, it was a ghost story. I've been trying to refine believing in deeper things, unexplainable things. I'm trusting where I feel honesty. Rick is honest.”
    He continued, “With his experience, he really knew how to work with the band dynamic, so we could put everything else aside and just create.”
    Rick Rubin said, “They're wildly sophisticated in their production ability, in their playing, and in their writing, this glut of greatness.”
  • Imagine Dragons shared on social media, “We spent the last three years working on this record. Life has been incredibly hard for everyone around the world. We have all felt the loneliness. We've all felt the solidarity. We've all felt the fear. This album is meant to be a source of happiness. Though it dives into moments of grief and searching, at its core, it is a celebration of life and humanity. Though life feels incredibly fragile and finite, we are still alive. And that is a blessing indeed. We have each other. Our only hope is that these songs bring you some sort of refuge and peace. We love and miss you and look forward to seeing you on the road soon.”

    Dan Reynolds told USA TODAY about some tracks.

    “Easy Come Easy Go”
    “It's about loss of friendship. As I've grown up, I've become more of a recluse, and COVID hasn't helped that. I'm already an introvert in an extroverted career. But the song is about my best friend in high school who had bone cancer and was in a wheelchair in high school. He's always, always been there and as the band has traveled, we've grown apart, which was heartbreaking for me. I hadn't talked to him in years and I had him come over after I wrote that song and played it for him and we sat together and listened to it and it was quite emotional for both of us. It's so hard for me to express (emotions) in person, like, why have we grown apart? It's so much easier for me to put it in melody and lyrics.”

    “It's OK”
    “That was one of the first songs I wrote for the record, maybe three years ago, which is so strange because people are going to think I wrote it during COVID. But it was really about embracing your sexuality and loving yourself and accepting yourself and accepting those who you love. I think also it's trying to acknowledge the harm of toxic masculinity that can come from religion and rejecting our LGBTQ youth. But the song is not just LGBTQ-focused – it's more about acceptance itself and how life is hard and it's OK to share our hardships with each other.”

    “No Time for Toxic People”
    “The theme of the record was facing the finality of life, and it's scary to think about it. And it's why we don't spend every day talking about death because it's a scary, open-ended conversation. I wanted (this song) to be a celebration of life and knowing that one day, it's going to be OK. Even if that's not true, that is the perspective that I have to keep in mind because I have kids who will go into the world and I want it to be a fantastic place for my four kids and I want them to know there is always tomorrow to rid yourself of toxic people.”

  • “Monday”
    “That's just a love letter to my partner and wife of 10 years. We've been through a lot together and she's the lifeblood of everything I do. I wanted to create this song we could dance to and that was tongue-in-cheek. It started with (Wayne) putting together that Prince-esque guitar. I love the cheekiness of it. Every time I listen to (the song), I smile.”

    “My Life”
    “I really don't know what I'm trying to share when I'm sharing it. I never sit down and think, 'What's my theme? What am I looking to accomplish?' It's more, 'What am I feeling?' and five years later I go, oh, that's what that was about. 'My Life' is one of those songs because it's a vulnerable song and that's been a hard thing for me. I've been overly metaphorical over the years and Rick (Rubin) really pushed me to be more vulnerable. The subject matter is pretty self-evident. I wanted the song to end on a note that felt empowered rather than controlled by substance."

    “She (his sister-in-law died of cancer) was the brightest light. A beacon of joy and strength for everyone she met. Her sudden passing has shaken me in ways that I still am unable to express. I was with her and my brother when she passed, and it was the first time in my life that I had witnessed death in this way. It sealed into my mind the fragility of life and finality of this all. I've watched my brother face something that no one should have to. But I've also seen his faith bring him hope in a future with her. I can only hope for the same. This song was my way of dealing with it all, as music has always been my refuge. No longer being a man of fervent faith, I can only hope that she hears it somewhere in a place where she is healed and no longer in pain. This song is my wish for an eternity with those that I love.”

    “It's an exorcism of self pity. An examination of my life—finding that I am beyond blessed—and trying to rid myself of all the meaningless things that have burdened me. Killing the part of me that spends its days lamenting about things that bear no real meaning or worth. Finding that at the end of the day only one Dan will prevail, and it's the one that loves myself. Loves my past. My present. Loves my mistakes and problems. My weaknesses. My illness. One that wakes every day grateful for life. That lives fully and is a present for those that I love.”

    “Follow You”
    “'Follow You' is a song about loyalty and love. Loving someone is an incredibly imperfect process. It isn't always romantic or pretty. Sometimes it can be incredibly painful. Aja taught me self-love and showed me what it meant to truly accept someone without any expectations. She was endlessly patient with me. She didn't need me. She even taught me that I didn't need her. But we loved each other and we chose to remarry and to stay together. I proposed again and she said yes, again. Not every relationship works out this way, but it did for us. It isn't the happy ending—it is a choice that works for some. And Aja and I re-chose it after experiencing life without each other. I wanted [“Follow You”] to represent a love that is realistic. One where love isn't perfect, but it endures.”
  • source : Apple Music
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