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  • Bastille Premieres New Song “Thelma + Louise” on BBC Radio 1

  • British pop rock band Bastille premiered a new song “Thelma + Louise” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with YUNGBLUD.
    The song will appear on their upcoming fourth studio album “Give Me The Future”.
    It was written by Dan Smith, Mark Crew and Rami Yacoub. Produced by Dan Smith and Mark Crew.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Trash Factory.
    Frontman Dan Smith wrote the song with Rami Yacoub via Zoom. He told YUNGBLUD, “I mean I guess like a lot of music made over the last couple of years, it was, I wrote it over this month, not, not a lot of music but some I wrote the tune with a guy called Rami Yacoub. He's an absolute legend. He's just one of the nicest guys, his history of songwriting is insane.”
    He continued, “So, I only got a few songs I logged on over zoom but when I did, and never good, you're like staring at each other it's on a focus. If you forget about production you just think about the songs, great. Anyway, I've got on Rami, we put up for a while, and then basically, in a couple of hours, one evening we did three songs and they're all on the album and the beginnings of this on the bones of this. We're both really quick and so it's just really easy you had a guitar. I was on the keyboard, I mean just we did three tunes. And then I took them away.”
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    • D3GsIxRT-o4

    The song is inspired by classic film. He said, “And this one in particular like it took me a while, because the film is like an old classic, but it's like this iconic feminist, film about freedom and escapism and independence, and escaping sort of ways of life in the forms of life and it is such an amazing film with so much, so many amazing themes and such great ideas. And I thought like loads of people wouldn't have heard of it, you know I only really know about it because I'm like a bit of a film geek, but it still, it's a classic and. And I just want more people to watch it but I loved it and wanted to write like a love letter to that film, a love letter to feminism and a love letter to escapism. Love Letter like throwing off the shackles of a life that you may be frustrated by whatever wish. I think a lot of people feel a lot of the time, particularly during the pandemic the idea of just wanting to be in your mind somewhere totally different.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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