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  • BXB LOVE Drops New Music Video for “IGNORANCE SONG”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter BXB LOVE has dropped a new music video for “IGNORANCE SONG” directed by Jade Ananda.
    The song was released as her second single back in May.
    It was written by D Phelps and Natasha Pheko. Produced by D Phelps and Jaime Estalella.
    “One thing that I've loved about creating and sharing this project thus far is that it's allowed me to tap into dreams, ideas, and modes of creative play that I hadn't really connected with since I was a kid. Making this music video was literally an opportunity for me to live out part of my childhood rockstar fantasies” BXB LOVE said of the video. “Smashing shit, shouting into the camera, riding in the back of a sick car with beautiful people, jumping around in the sunset, guitar solos, clothes that made me feel like a bad ass… I mean…. come on! It was a blast!”
  • She shared on social media, “childhood rockstar fantasies were lived. things were smashed. trouble was made. laughs were shared. tears were shed. breakdowns were had. skills were learnt. the whole process of creating this video was a beautiful and nutty adventure. and here we r, out the other end with something i really love & am proud to share. thank u for being here to receive it.”
    She continued, “y'all r rocking my world ❤️‍🔥🌎 truly. can't explain how affirming it is to see/hear that ur fuckin with what we're putting out there. what we're pouring our hearts n souls into creating. it can be overwhelming at times, creating and releasing ur art into the void. so when u see it resonating it really feels✨🤌🏽 magical ⚡️💥”
  • source : YouTube
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