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  • Official Trailer for “She Is The Ocean” featuring 9 Women Who Love The Ocean

  • Blue Fox Entertainment has acquired the new documentary film “She Is The Ocean”.

    The company will release the film in select theaters and virtual cinemas on October 16, 2020.
    The film was directed by Inna Blokhina, who has selected certain women, ranging from the ages of 12 to 85, in order to create a cumulative mosaic portrait of a woman that devotes all her life to the Ocean throughout all her ages.
    Throughout history, the Ocean's boundless energy and mysterious inspiration has always been assigned a feminine personality. Mankind has always referred to the Ocean as a She.
    The film features 9 women, Keala Kennelly: Pro surfer & winner of the WSL “Barrel of the year 2016”, Andrea Moller: Big wave surfer and winner of WSL “Women best performance 2016”, Jeannie Chesser: Surfing icon and mother of the late legendary surfer Todd Chesser, Coco Ho: Pro Hawaiian surfer and daughter of Pipeline Masters winner Michael Ho, Cinta Hansel: Balinese girl working on realising her dream to surf Pipeline, Anna Bader: German high diver and 7-time European Champion in cliff, Rose Molina: free-diver, ballet dancerdiving, Ocean Ramsey: Shark conservationist and free diver in Hawaii, and Sylvia Earle: Marine biologist, explorer and the first female chief scientist of the U.S.
    The film first premiered at the Ocean Film Festival back in 2018, and also played at the Vancouver Women In Film Festival last year.
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    Inna Blokhina explained about the film, “I have been here since time began. Without me all the riches in the world are nothing. And I hold in my heart and in my bones a spirit that matches the power of the ocean. She is a sister to me, the ocean. Since the dawn of time, I have been compared to her, named by her, I have been a symbol for her and she me. I have been the subject of countless superstitions, mysteries and hopes and dreams and impossible journey's. I am as deep as her, as bountiful as her, as strong. When I am with her she is with me. I am hers and she is mine. She has taught me everything of worth that I know. She has taught me not to seek power over men, but power over myself. She has made my muscles strong, my mind stronger, my heart unbreakable. She has shared her secrets with me. Terrifying secrets, splendid secrets, cold secrets, dark secrets and light. We are the same she and I. We are the givers of life, the creators, the gate keepers. She has given me freedom, courage, fear, love, wonder. She has given me challenge and I have met it. She has beaten me, scorned me, laughed at me, drowned me and helped me and saved me. When I see her, I see myself. My blood coursing through my veins as surely as her tides. When I need solace, when I need myself, I go to her and she takes me in. She has made me who I am. How I look and how I feel and how I love and who I love, she has given me. She has given me an independent will, a bold will an adventurer's will. I have stood upon her highest crests, dove to her darkest depths, I have taken her bounty, I have plunged into her from the sky, I have sailed upon her roiling breast, I have studied her and she me. I know her moods and she knows mine and I know her creatures and I know some of her secrets and she mine. Like me, she is a mystery, an everpresent mystery. She has given me courage where there was none. She has given me everything, so I give her all I have. I trust her honesty, I trust her treatment of me. She is always fair. She never lies. She can always be seen in my eyes. And she has given me her power and I have given her mine.”
  • source : She Is The Ocean Official Site
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