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  • Jessie Reyez Premieres Live Performance Video for “FIGURES” on Vevo

  • Last week, Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez released her long-awaited debut album “Before Love Came to Kill Us”.
    From the album, she teamed up with Vevo to release a special live performance video for “FIGURES” directed by Kyle Goldberg.
    The song was released back in 2016 as the first single off of the album. It was written by Tobias “Priest” Frelin, Björn “Beast” Djupström, Shy Carter and Jessie Reyez.
    She said of the song, “It was a shitty heartbreak. It was a shitty breakup. And I was just going through it. I was in Sweden at the time. was there for a writing camp. I was writing songswe were going to pitch for other artists and on the fourth day. The way it works—for writers and producers—is kind of like musical chairs. They just switch everyone. I was with these guys Priest and the Beast on the fourth day, and they were like, 'We really fuck with you and we want to keep you for an extra week and during that week we can work on anything. It doesn’t have to be stuff we have to pitch. We can work on your stuff, too.'”
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    She continued, “So, I ended up staying and it was a blessing. You know when you breakup with someone and you have memories in that city? You don’t want to be with them in that city because then your heartbreak is just hard to heal the wound when you’re in it. I feel like it was a blessing that I got asked to stay there. The pain goes with you if it hurts enough, so I was there with it, and it just came out on a song. It was me, Priest and the Beast and Shy, and that shit just came out of me, man. It was just a sad sad song.”

  • source : ET Canada
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