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  • King Princess Releases Debut Album “Cheap Queen”, Performs Lady Gaga's “Speechless” on BBC Radio 1 Piano Sessions

  • American singer-songwriter Mikaela Straus, aka King Princess released her debut album “Cheap Queen” on October 25th via Mark Ronson's imprint of Columbia Records, Zelig Records.
    The album follows up her debut EP "Make My Bed" including her smash hit "1950", which was released in 2018.
    She wrote 40 songs for the album, finally, she chose 13-track, featuring Tobias Jesso Jr.
    She told NPR in an interview, “It's basically a journal of the last year of my life. I'm so proud of this record. It's a full heartbreak record - full heartbreak, honey. Start to finish.
    I wrote 40 songs over the last year. When I picked the songs, I realized that they weren't heartbreak songs to begin with. They started as love notes or kind of expressing my feelings. And then when the relationship ended, it was clear to me that the record was going to be the trajectory of this entire relationship.”
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    She is known as genderqueer and a lesbian. She said, “I think that it's really easy to be like, yeah, you're writing songs about gender identity and sexuality. But for me, it's like, what else would I do? I'm going to lie to you. I'm going to tell you, like, I'm going to write songs about men and, like, not express the fact that I don't feel like a woman. What I love about authentic queer music is that people are trying to understand it as though it's a subgenre within the music community. And what I'm so proud of about this record is that when I listen back, I feel like my gender queerness is just woven into the tapestry of the music. I hope that people start to see identity in music as just a fact. Like (laughter), you know, it's like - because it makes it seem like straight music is the norm. And I'm bored. I'm bored of that.”
  • source : NPR
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