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  • PVRIS Performs “Hallucinations” & “Death of Me” on VEVO Live Performance

  • American rock band PVRIS performed their latest songs “Hallucinations” and “Death of Me” on VEVO Live Performance.
    Both songs will appear on their upcoming third EP “Hallucinations”, which is set to be released on October 25th.
    “Hallucinations” is their first major label debut EP and is the follow-up to their sophomore album “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell”. It is available to pre-order here.
    Also the band will release the third studio album in 2020.
    Fronwoman Lynn Gunn told Alternative Press about “Hallucinations”, “We started this song about a year-and-a-half ago. I was out in L.A. doing a bunch of different writing sessions, and I had this random session with Marshmello and Amy Allen. The session was fine. It was cool. It was good vibes. But we left it and didn’t really think anything of the demo or anything. It wasn’t really a top-priority song. And then it sat in all of the demo folders for a good year.”
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    She continued, “Once we started working with JT a bit more and decided we wanted to finish everything with him, we were going through songs we wanted to finish up, and he picked that one. And I was resistant to it, because it really was put on the back burner. He was like, “Seriously, trust me. We can really transform the song and make it something really cool.” I felt pretty reluctant, but I put my trust in him, because everything else we’d done with him so far came out amazing. We finished it together in Nashville and really put a lot of work into it to bring it to life and elevate it and bring it to what we wanted it to be.”
    She said of “Death of Me”, “We wanted to match the seductive grittiness of the song with uncertain, tense and subliminal visual themes. We also hid, in plain view, references to the occult and divination, to be unpacked by the viewer… if they so choose.”

  • source : VEVO
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