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  • Raynes Releases Debut Song “Lemon Drop”

  • North Dakota natives Mat Charley and Joe Berger, along with UK native Mark Race debuted as Raynes.
    The trio released their debut song “Lemon Drop” on October 1st. Produced by Mighty Mike, who is known as a producer for Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa.
    The band said, “It’s been a fun challenge incorporating all of Mike’s pop expertise into our sound. We’ve had a blast figuring out how to make a violin sound like a synth and a snare sound like a hand clap, as well as blending it all together so it walks the line between folk and pop in the most appealing way.”
    Currently the trio is based in Los Angeles. They are creating their own sound from inspired by a myriad of different influences like Coldplay and Mumford and Sons. Blending pop and folk music, they called “expensive folk”. “Even with all of the more exotic or unusual components, it’s really just pop music at its core,” reveals the band.
  • The band said in a statement, “This is a big day for us. After two and a half years, tens of thousands of miles, dozens of shows, and at least a few pints of blood/sweat/tears, we’re finally releasing our first single!
    We have only been able to reach this day with the help of some incredible people: Audrey Benoualid and Rich Christina, who took a chance on an unknown quantity; Mighty Mike, who took our vision and elevated it higher than we ever could have on our own; and Gonzo Lübel, who has stuck with us from even before day one. And we would be nowhere without the constant outpouring of love and support from our friends, families, and fans.
    We are so grateful, and we are so excited to see what comes next and share it with all of you. We hope you enjoy Lemon Drop.”
  • source : The 405
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