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  • Tori Kelly Releases New Album “Inspired by True Events”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Tori Kelly released her third album “Inspired by True Events” on August 9th, following her 2019 Grammy Awards winner album “Hiding Place”.
    As the album title suggests, the entire album is based off of the lives of her and those around her.
    The album was preceded by four single such as "Change Your Mind", "Sorry Would Go a Long Way", "Language" and "2 Places".
    The album comprises of 16-track and sees her soulful vocals and R&B sound.
    She wrote on Facebook, “InspiredByTrueEvents is actually here…. this album has been in the making over the last few years & now it’s available for you to listen to. it still blows my mind that a song starts from nothing & then becomes this thing that people can connect to.. & that’s what i hope these songs become. this is by far the most vulnerable i’ve ever been in my music & even though it was a little scary, i know it’s exactly where i needed to be for this chapter of my life. i love you guys! thank you for listening & i hope you enjoy”
    She explained each song below.
    • cnK0X_1OLTU

    "It's probably one of faves on the album. I wrote it with Taylor Parks and Nate Campany, two amazing writers, and I love the lyrics. It's very poetic; it makes me feel like I'm floating when I play that song. It's the chords. Coffee didn't seem to have a place anywhere else on the album other than the first track. Every time I played it it felt like the first song; it felt like the opener to me."

    "Throughout the album there's four interludes, which is something I've always wanted to do. I love albums that feel like there's a flow to them. I ended up grabbing actual audio from home videos, and this first one is footage from when I was two days old. It's my dad, my grandma and my mum speaking to me when I was a little baby. I was two days old. The interludes were added very last minute, and it felt like 'this is my album.'"

    “Change Your Mind”
    "Change Your Mind I wrote a week after my now husband proposed to me. You can hear in the lyrics that my parents weren't super thrilled, and there was a lot of confusion. It was a lot. It's supposed to be this happy time, and it was; my husband and I wanted to be together. But there was a lot going on within my family at that time already. I actually came to London to write with James Napier, and it all flowed out. It was a little scary; at that time I was like 'I don't write songs like this.' This song gave the whole feeling of the album. There was a real grit to my voice. It was scary and freeing at the same time."

    "This was the first one I did for this new chapter of music. It's bluesy and there's a little bit of sass in it, too. I'd strayed away from that sound, but I went back to that stripped-back sound and it's just a really fun song. It's about getting on that same page with the one you love; saying 'hey, it's okay that we're arguing because we care about each other.' Sometimes you have to work through things to get to a better spot."

    “Two Places”
    "Two Places represents the album as a whole. It's me being super overwhelmed with my emotions and not knowing what to do with them. I'm a late processor, and at the time I walked into the session I wasn't very self-aware. I wasn't being very honest with myself at that point. I felt kind of numb; it sounds deep but I wasn't fully sure how I was feeling. I was one step behind my own thoughts.
    "I call Two Places my emo song."

    “Kid I Used to Know”
    "This is about finding that inner youth again; finding that kid who wanted to laugh, play, dance and sing. Being an adult's hard sometimes, you know?"

    "Actress I wrote after a dinner conversation. I was in LA, where there's obviously a lot of actors and actresses. I met this actress and was intrigued; I asked 'is it easier to play a character like yourself or the complete opposite? She said 'it's so much easier to play someone unlike yourself' and I used that as inspiration for the song."

    “The Lie”
    "This was actually a last minute addition to the album, just before I turned it in. I love the lyrics of this song, because I'm playing a character and I'm imagining myself falling for the lie that money can buy you happiness. I'm falling for these different traps, then trying to warn everybody that - at the end of your life - you realise that's not the way. This might be this album's version of Funny from Unbreakable Smile. A grown-up version."
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