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  • Witt Lowry Releases New Song “CRASH”

  • American rapper Witt Lowry's new song “CRASH” along with the music video arrived, The video was directed by Caesar Daniel.
    The song's title was named from his car accident in 2018. The track is the third single off of his upcoming third album “Nevers Road”, following “HURT” and “GHOST”.
    The song was teased during the first show of Witt’s Nevers Road World Tour, on February 10, 2019.
    He wrote about the song on his YouTube channel, “[On June of 2018] I almost lost my life in a car accident, that led me to a long period of reflection, all the thoughts came to mind that you would assume, what is my purpose here, why did I waste so much time as if I had time to waste? What’s going to happen to all my things, am I just going to be reduced to a hashtag for a couple of days and then that’ll be it? It’s crazy how many thoughts your mind can run through in a matter of seconds as you see your life flash before your eyes. One thought I had that stuck with me even after the car shattered into a million pieces and I was still alive was, did I tell the people I love that I love them enough? Do they even know how I feel? You would think I’m good at expressing my feelings but idk if I am. It’s from that place inside my mind and heart that “CRASH” was born. How love really is the only thing timeless, it has the power to transform you into the best version of yourself. I mean real genuine to the core love. There is no better feeling in the world, and it’s so rare. So for “CRASH” I decided to take one of the worst nights of my life, the crash, and one of the best parts of living, finding love, and show how different yet eerily similar they are. I just hope it resonates. I hope it makes you feel everything. I hope it makes you feel alive.”
  • source : YouTube
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