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  • 2019-05-21
  • Zr.King Releases New Album “Musically & Morally Bankrupt”: Streaming

  • New York City-based rock band Zr.King released their sophomore album “Musically & Morally Bankrupt” on May 17, 2019.
    It is their first LP in five years.
    The band crafted 8-track on the album including two cover songs Baby Strange's "Put Out" and I Love Monsters' "Seen A Ghost". Produced by Jerry Ramos. The sound is influenced from the classic Rock that guitar riffs are the main part.
    The band explained about each track below.

    1. "Welcome to Bearizona": That’s probably a Tecate. The kind of beer you drink in the desert heat after screaming through Death Valley in an El Camino with working air conditioning. So you’re still cool as ice. But you need a beer. Typical day.

    2. "Don’t Call Me On Saturday": This one’s for all the dance floor chieftains out there. What do they drink? Probably something citrusy, or with a sourness, like a goose. We say Otra Vez by Sierra Nevada, final answer. Unless we’re talking about your friends icing you, because this song would be a pretty epic soundtrack to that kind of nonsense too, so grab some Smirnoffs you jackasses.
  • 3. "Edgebot Planet": this is a behemoth of a song, so it needs a behemoth of a beer to pair with it. We’ll go with a Dale’s Pale Ale for this one, but in the stovepipe can. You know, because more is more.

    4. "At A Distance": this song is dark and brooding. Like a Guinness. Also pairs well with whiskey. So we choose Guinness. Paired with whiskey.

    5. "Ships In The Night": Nautical theme, calls for nautical theme beer: Heavy Seas. Back in the early 2000s, Heavy Seas made an incredible Belgian abbey-style ale called HOLY SHEET. It was incredible. And seasonal. Griffin looked for that beer for years and still can’t find more of it. If anyone has a connection to get us some, we’ll give you free stuff. That’s a promise.

    6. "Telamon (the greater)": This is a song about the Trojan War, and it’s the longest song on the record. So we need something that will last. And in enough quantity for an army. Therefore, this song is several cases of PBR. Also, RED FANG: if you are looking for a Zr. King tune to cover, choose this one and make a video for it. Please. We’ll even supply the PBR. Not kidding.
  • source : zomagazine
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