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  • Trapdoor Social Drops New Music Video for “The Move”

  • Back in March, Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Trapdoor Social released their latest song “The Move” from their forthcoming second album.
    The infectious track is inspired by the idea of a growing movement of people who want to leave the world better than they found it.
    On May 1st, the band dropped a new music video for the song directed by John Haas. The video was premiered exclusively on Celeb Mix.
    The band founder Sky Funk told Celeb Mix about the video, “So, imagine how self-righteous I feel dodging traffic downtown on my bike, carbon-free and exposed to danger, like a joyous pioneer of an underutilized transportation system I think can save our city, jamming to this new beat we’re working on, wiggling my skinny ass down 8th St… I had to get a video expressing that sensation. We got Adam Kudynski to drive a vespa around with John Haas strapped to his back and I chased them on my bike. And sang. John added the protest footage he had shot as well. Actually, I was originally planning to ride the 110 South from Solano Canyon to Chinatown… but opted out of the blatantly illegal. Ha. Anyway, it was an unforgettable experience. I’m super grateful to Adam and John and everyone else who helped and to you, for sharing it with the world!”
  • He said of the song, “The Move is an especially groove-oriented song for us – we’re often more on the alternative rock side – which has been super fun. It came out of a songwriting session featuring our whole band in late 2017, kind of a rare occurrence, but a super happy one in this case. I’ve been rocking out to this track since its’ earliest demos from the studio, namely on my bicycle riding around LA, which is the origin of the video! I’ll get to that in a sec.
    The lyrics in this song – like some of our others we have done in the past – draw on my experience with the environmental activism and community here in LA. “We come from under…” – the verses describe the feeling of being involved with a niche cause that we feel shouldn’t be niche. And the chorus: “You too can be part of the move” (short for ‘the movement’).”
  • source : CelebMix
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