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  • 2018-06-09
  • Starley Premieres New Song “Love Is Love”

  • Australian singer-songwriter Starley Hope, aka Starley dropped a new song “Love Is Love”. The song follows up "Touch Me" and "Been Meaning to Tell You".
    She is better known for her 2016 debut single "Call on Me", which reached top 10 in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and the UK, as well as it sold over 3 million copies on the world.

    Starley said of the song;
    “‘Love Is Love’ is a very personal song for me. I had written a first draft for it that had a lot less detail. After sharing it with a few friends, it seemed it wasn’t hitting home all the way, and I realised it was because I was leaving out the parts of the story I felt uncomfortable sharing. I decided to re-write it and dig deeper. That felt scary and liberating at the same time. From that process ‘Love Is Love’ was born. I’m nervous and excited to share it with the world!”
  • She explaiend about cover art;
    “The cover for ‘Love Is Love’ is not to be about me. Although, this song is my personal story, it’s a song for everyone, so I felt like a heart was the perfect way to go. The plot twist is that the colours I chose are the very colours of the bisexual flag. I feel like there should be a flag that represents love in all forms – interracial, interfaith, gay, straight, bisexual, trans, and so on. Until that exists, I’ve chosen to use the colours of the bisexual flag because they relate to my personal journey.”
  • source : Vents Magazine
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